Antipasti platter

A selection of Italian cured meats

A beetroot cured salmon that looks and tastes amazing

Organic dutch goat brie served with fresh raspberries

Organic creamy gorgonzola

Lemon and chili marinated bocconcini

Camembert wheel drizzled with maple syrup and pecans

Crunchy fresh salad with white balsamic vinegar marinated fennel

Grilled veggies with a spicy oregano and basil pesto

Nice green olives marinated with pickled lemon and thyme


More appetizers

Bitesize harissa and coriander lamb meatballs with herbed yoghurt sauce

Vegetarian thai summer rolls with a spicy ginger-soy dip

Feta and mint topped flatbread

Sweet n’ salty Cajun and honey coated nuts

Crostini with goatcheese and rhubarb-ginger chutney

Crostini roast beef and truffel mayonnaise

Crostini pekingduck with kumquatmarmalade and 5 spice mayonnaise

Ceasar shot. Bloody mary like drink with clamato juice, A Canadian classic!

Appetizers spring & summer


Food gets people talking and that's just what every party needs! Below, are just a few of the many festive treats that Citrus & Spice can create for your party.




Barbara Paternotte (c) 2014