dinner party


-Creamy smoked courgette soup with homemade blackpeper parmesan grissini

-Watercress salad with artichokes and green vinaigrette

-Goatcheese brulée served with crispy salad and roasted beets



-Lemony tagliatelle with salmon confit



-Slow roasted beef with horseradish-sauce. Roasted spring veggies

-Lamb tenderloin rubbed with garlic, cumin and corianderseeds. Served with pomegranate and mint tabouleh.



-Greek yoghurt with rhubarb ginger and pistachio-crumble

Tray baked pavlova with blue berries, passionfruit, lemoncurd and whipped cream

Example dinner menu spring & summer


Whether you want a fancy sit-down, plated and served dinner, a dinner buffet or a family style informal feast, Citrus & Spice can do it all! The location, the size and nature of the celebration influence the style of dinner. In return the dinner's style can also set the atmosphere, so when discussing the menu we will also decide on what is appropriate and most fun for your event. The dishes below might give you an idea of what to expect..


Barbara Paternotte (c) 2014